Our Mission

Inspiring individuals to do and give their best in living life with a purpose by providing
quality service, and innovative products.


“Run Your Life”



Our mission is what drives us to provide individuals with a lifestyle full of purpose;
creating revolutionary prosaic life innovations. CHITA creates products that exude high
quality, durability, meaning, purpose, and sustainability. CHITA has assembled an
innovative and diverse worldwide team; positively impacting the communities that we
live, work, and play.



Our approach to innovation is all about maximizing human potential. We are constantly
setting trends based on research that we use to gauge the world’s needs, taking that
insight to create products of high-quality used to assist in fulfilling one’s purpose in life.


To meet the need of high-quality fashion, we take big risks. Slothful change won’t allow
us to reach the lofty goals that we have set for ourselves.


CHITA is a place where everyone can make their own choices in life. We provide
diverse perspectives based on belief, confidence, conviction, hope, loyalty, and truth.


At CHITA, we serve people throughout the world. We all have one responsibility in life,
and that’s to make the right choices that will allow us to fulfill our purpose in life. No one
can “Run Your Life” but you.